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The House of
Many Faces




How do we design a home to cater to the needs of an extroverted, vivacious couple that enjoy hosting large socials while maintaining a sense of privacy and restfulness for the more introverted members of the family? This was the main brief of the Client and also the inspiration behind the spatial and facade articulation of The House of Many Faces..


How do we design for flexibility in exhibition design and curation within an existing workspace corridor space? The Canvas Wall is made up of seven individual 1.2m width x 2.35m ht modular components on wheels that allow for various permutations of use..

Photo credit: Finbarr Fallon Creative Office

Exhibition | Furniture Design

Public Art Installation


How do we design for ease of off-site fabrication and a short 1 day installation process? 


Ways of Seeing (2021) is a larger than life "telescope" positioned to face and pay homage to the Singapore River. An important site of exchange- the River serves as a silent witness to the progress, constant flux and evolution of Singapore's past, present and future.


The design of the structure takes into consideration the historic context in which it sits and its the visual composition to its surroundings..

(Designed in Collaboration with Randy Chan, Finbarr Fallon under Zarch Collaboratives and Faye Lim) 

Photo credit: Finbarr Fallon Creative Office

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