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Soft Realities

Soft Realities (2021) situates and frames the space of 136 GOETHE LAB as a site of inquiry. The work explores real and imagined narratives within and beyond its physical space, told through the eyes and ears of the basement.

Inspired in part by the allegory of Plato's Cave, Soft Realities is conceived as a site-specific installation and subterranean labyrinth. It comprises heavily built and schematised structures, but also intuitive gestures and spontaneous discoveries drawn from the site's environs. These seemingly opposed approaches of reading and determining one's environment become a lens with which to experience the work.


Through an assemblage of choreographed filmic projections, cut-out silhouettes, and subliminal soundscapes, Soft Realities invites the audience to suspend your preconceptions, and plunge, and crouch, and peer, and over hear, as you encounter its shadows and glitches.


Collaborators: Finbarr Fallon and Ong Kian Peng


Public Art Installation, Performance and Workshop

Commissioned by the Goethe Institut


Goethe Institut, Singapore


OCT 2021

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