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At ATELIER IF we take delight in questioning the familiar and negotiating the peculiar.


We believe in the value of well-crafted, tailor-made spatial responses that bring delight to its users through a sensitive understanding of each Client's brief.


Not confined by the traditional definitions of Architecture – We see Architecture in the small and the large, in the temporary and the permanent. We celebrate the charm of temporary interventions and approach the permanent in a tactile and material manner, tracing the hand of time to craft sensitive, thoughtful interventions.

We want to explore the Why nots and What IFs to realise new possibilities.


We are in the business of telling stories through spaces.

Let us tell yours.

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Fiona Tan


for enquiries:

Fiona Tan is a Board of Architects registered Architect based in Singapore and Principal Architect/Founder of ATELIER IF.

A recipient of the Design Singapore Overseas Scholarship, she completed her B. Arch at the National University of Singapore in and thereafter her M. Arch in the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London with Merit Award.

Her formative years in practice were shaped by two diverse and award winning architectural firms - CSYA Pte Ltd and Zarch Collaboratives Pte Ltd. At those firms, she had the opportunity to explore varying scales and typologies, from master plan studies, a Public Hawker Centre, residential homes, a Private Members' Club to temporary architectural pavilions including the Pathfinder (recipient of the SIA Design Award 2020 (Special Category)-under Zarch Collaboratives).

In Atelier IF, she seeks to craft spaces that tell stories of their inhabitants through a tactile and material-based approach.  Outside of practice, she is also invited as an Adjunct Design Studio tutor at the National University of Singapore.

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