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Photography: Finbarr Fallon 

Creative Office

This project (2023) was commissioned by local award-winning  advertising agency, DSTNCT for their new 6500sqft office space. Housed within the top floor of an old school building, the layout of the office is designed with the needs of flexibility and future expansion in mind. The client's brief called for an office space that embraces the theme of tropical modernity.

A raw material palette comprising of raw plywood, screed surfaces and earthy textures was curated for this purpose. To enhance the verticality of the space, existing ceiling boards were removed to reveal the beauty of the original exposed beams of the building. Working closely with the Client, areas for the curation and display of past projects and accolades were thoughtfully integrated into the spatial design of the Office. At the entrance, a raw floor to ceiling plywood panelling with red metal inserts form the backdrop for the agency's past projects. The waiting area is raised on a concrete screed platform against the backdrop of a white brick wall. At the corridors, a checkered floor pattern is selected for visual contrast to demarcate the Lobby from the work space.

While keeping to a relatively open plan, the work spaces are grouped around three different 'zones' demarcated by the three 'boxes' of meeting rooms that punctuate the space. The distinct red panels of the meeting rooms draw reference to the Creative agency's previous occupancy within the premises of an old fire station.

At the heart of the Office is the Pantry Bar that features rectangular glass blocks for privacy and diffused lighting via the external windows into the space. 

This project is completed in collaboration with Tiffany Ow (Tailored Architects).



Architectural Interior Design and Consultancy




MAY 2023

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