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Photography: Finbarr Fallon 

Lily Garden

Lily Garden (2024)- a name gifted by the owners from the start of our engagement to reflect their aspiration of having a home filled with nature-- plants, daylight and the natural breeze.

The home is designed with the view towards nature in mind where every bathroom of the home opens up to a view of lush greenery.


A sloping roof connects the 3-storey volumetric massing of the rear to the 2-storey volumetric massing of the front facade in order to minimise the building mass facing the front garden while ensuring the built in floor area is sufficient to cater to the owners' living needs. 


To enhance diffused daylighting, we punctuated the centre of the plan with a skylight which filters daylight through the open riser staircase to the rest of the spaces. Revolving around a planter box, the open riser staircase expands in footprint as it spirals up to the top of the home, forming a sculptural piece that offers visual connectivity through the floors.


Private Residential





FEB 2024

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